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The question arises after the revelation that millions of dads in the UK have no form of life insurance coverage in place to protect their loved ones.

Recent figures have been brought into the spotlight that indicates 4.5 million fathers in the UK have no life insurance. That’s more than half (58%) of men in the UK with dependent children.

The research was conducted by Scottish Widows and may come as quite a shock, especially as the figure has risen by 5% since 2017, a year-on-year increase of around 542,000 individuals.

The figures are according to a sample survey of 5,022 UK adults (conducted in April) – 15.17% of whom were dads – which if spread across the entire population amounts to approximately 4.5 million fathers without cover.

Life insurance can be an awkward topic of discussion, however, it plays a pivotal role in planning and preparing for your family’s financial future.

A potential reason why the number of people without life insurance coverage is so high is that there is a lack of understanding, as many people aren’t aware of how much life insurance they need in order to support their families in today’s world. Not only does this create a knowledge gap, but an insurance gap, too.

Especially for those who don’t have coverage at all. But not to worry, there are specialists and experts out there that are willing to walk you step-by-step through the process of finding the best life insurance coverage for you. Especially if you work in the offshore industry.

An image featuring a caring dad ensuring his family's financial security with C&D Specialist High Risk life insurance solutio


Are you the main breadwinner in your home? If you are, you will be all too familiar with how difficult the responsibility is. Keeping on top of all the household bills and monthly mortgage payments, knowing exactly what you have coming in and when it’s due to go out.

Now imagine a time where you are no longer around due to forces beyond your control, like death or critical illness. How would your family manage with the pressure of you not providing for them?

Yes, it’s all hindsight. However, these are things that you need to consider for a time where you are not around anymore. The value of obtaining life insurance is not in how much its costs, but how much protection you can provide your family in the future.

In the research, it was discovered that a fifth (20%) of dads admitted that their households would not survive financially if they lost their income due to long-term illness. However, only 18% have a critical illness policy.

Gary Burchett, protection director at Scottish Widows said: “Many fathers don’t consider having insurance as a necessity, with 16% of those without saying they don’t see critical illness cover as a financial priority, and 20% saying they don’t think they need it.

“But the value of protection is to provide long-term peace of mind about having financial security in place for your dependents.”

This is probably one of the more alarming points as it means not only do people not have coverage but don’t think they need any. However, it also brings it home the importance of investing in the financial protection of loved ones, to ensure that their household is covered.

Shockingly, the study also uncovered that 16% of fathers said they could only pay their bills for a minimum of three months and more than two-fifths (45%) said they would have to dip into their savings to cope financially. Shockingly, 17% admitted their savings would last a maximum of just three months and 12% said they have no savings at all.

It’s more important than ever for fathers (and mothers) to review their financial protection needs and seek advice to make sure their household is covered. Luckily, C&D can help with this.

C&D can arrange the cover of Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection if you are: employed, self-employed or a limited company contractor and can even arrange cover for partners or spouse’ regardless if they are working or not.

C&D specialises in providing life insurance cover for offshore industries and 99% of occupations are covered with no increased premiums.

The policies they help arrange are designed for families of all sorts of circumstances, as they understand that no two families are the same. One thing they have in common is that they provide financial security for your loved ones and ensure that you never have to stop providing for the ones that matter the most to you.

With the right life insurance policy, you can provide peace of mind for both you and your family if you were to die or fall critically ill. It’s a win-win situation!

They also help provide Income Protection insurance too, to keep your wages protected in the event that you are unable to work.

C&D is also the only RMT Union Approved Specialist in the whole of the UK with Award Winning advice. Want to find out more about the policies they help provide? Contact C&Dtoday by clicking this link.

Very professional and knowledgeable indeed and happy to help in any way, Keeping you up to date every step of the way I would recommend to anyone.

S Redman


Speak with an Adviser who will answer any questions you have, and find the best cover for you.

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