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C&D Specialist Insurance

Specialist insurance for high-risk industries

Covering oil & gas, subsea, renewables, merchant marine and at-heights sector workers - offshore & onshore.

Decisions can be instant after application submitted

Life, Income Protection & Critical Illness Cover

Global cover at no extra cost

Unrivalled expertise, comprehensive coverage

Drawing from firsthand experience in the offshore industry, we (C&D Specialist Insurance) proudly stand as the UK's longest-established and most recognised specialist broker. Our focus spans life insurancecritical illness insurance and income protection insurance. Specifically tailored for professionals working in the oil & gas, subsea, renewables, merchant marine, and at heights sectors – both offshore and onshore.


Traditionally, your job is seen as high risk. With our specialist industry knowledge, we are able to arrange most cover at no additional cost because of your ‘high risk’ occupation. Beyond your specific sector, we also excel in securing coverage for individuals in any other occupation.

By using us you will benefit from us being the sole RMT Union Approved Life Insurance Specialist in the entire UK.


Why speak to us?


Multi award winning specialists – we know our stuff and your industry


30+ years of experience in the specialist insurance market

Peace of mind

Over £260 million of cover arranged for our customers

RMT Approved

The only RMT approved specialist broker in the entire UK


Empowering High-Risk and Overseas Professionals with Specialised Insurance Solutions

Here at C&D Specialist Insurance, we are your trusted partner in delivering comprehensive insurance solutions tailored for high-risk occupations and overseas work. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, we bring unparalleled expertise to understanding the unique challenges and risks associated with your field. Whether you navigate hazardous occupations or challenging global locations, rest assured – we've got you covered.

Our commitment extends beyond mere coverage; we arrange 99% of our policies with no increased premiums, ensuring that you receive the robust protection you deserve. At C&D Specialist Insurance, we prioritise your peace of mind.

In addition to our high-risk focus, we proudly offer life insurance options designed for both individuals and companies. Through our affiliated partner QDOS, we bring you competitive insurance policies

crafted specifically for small businesses and contractor-specific risks.


Discover the difference of insurance tailored to your unique needs. C&D Specialist Insurance – safeguarding your present and securing your future.

Featured reviews

Well recommended

Just got my life and critical illness cover through Jordan Gatting at C&D. Great service from Jordan who goes over and above to get you the product you want. Well recommended.

David Wright

Offshore Fabric Maintenance Engineer

Why Choose C&D Specialist Offshore Insurance?

Selecting the right life insurance is more than a business for us – it's a personal commitment. Our unique advantage lies in not only understanding how to tailor the best life insurance for our clients but also in comprehending the specific needs of those engaged in high-risk occupations offshore and onshore. One of our directors brings invaluable first-hand experience, having served as a diver for many years across the globe.

Our specialisation in this field is not merely professional; it's deeply rooted in personal understanding. We know the risks intimately, having navigated them ourselves, and we empathise with the challenges of finding a provider who truly comprehends your needs and ensures complete coverage. Unfortunately, there have been instances where individuals lacked the right coverage with some providers and faced exposure. We are here to change that narrative.

With us, you won't find yourself in the same predicament. We are dedicated to ensuring that, amid the unique challenges of your job, you receive the comprehensive cover you deserve. Trust C&D Specialist Offshore Life Insurance to safeguard you against the unexpected, drawing from our own experiences to protect yours.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Will the premiums go up because of the work I do?
    99% of the time we can arrange cover on standard terms, meaning there will be no increase in premiums because of your job.
  • Will I be covered whilst at work?
    Yes, you’ll be covered 100% of the time 24/7/365.
  • Will I be covered travelling to and from the Rig/Installation either by a Helicopter or Vessel?
    Yes, you’ll be covered 100% of the time regardless of the mode of travel.
  • Can you also arrange cover for my partner?
    Yes, we can provide cover for partners on the same basis. We’ll just need their DOB, smoker status and how much cover they want and for how long.
  • Will I be covered if I work overseas?
    Yes, we can arrange cover for people working overseas. There are some location hotspots (such as conflict zones), but that doesn’t mean we can’t get you covered. We’ll just need to ask a few additional questions.
  • Will my children be covered under a critical illness policy?
    Most policies provide a level of cover for children if diagnosed with a specified critical illness. This is typically £25,000 but could increase to £50,000 depending on the policy and provider.
  • If I take out a policy will be the monthly premiums stay the same or will they increase each year?
    All life & critical illness policies we arrange are on a guaranteed premium basis, meaning the monthly costs will stay the same for the duration of the policy.
  • Who will get the money if I die?
    We write all policies in trust meaning if you were to die, the lump sum will pay out to the beneficiaries you have selected, which avoids any potential inheritance tax and usually pays out within 30 days of a claim.
  • Can I arrange the cover over the phone?
    Yes, we complete all applications over the phone, which usually takes no longer than 15-20 minutes, and subject to standard underwriting you could be covered immediately.
  • I already have a policy, can you review this?
    Yes, we can. Generally, if you have an older style policy, this may have exclusions or increased premiums because of your occupation. We may be able to replace it, so it has no exclusions or increased premiums.

Protect your future, get covered today

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