High Risk Life Insurance Coverage

99% of offshore occupations covered with no increased premiums

High Risk Life Insurance Coverage

Have you struggled to obtain insurance in the past due to your career being perceived as high-risk? With C&D Specialist Insurance, you don’t have to worry about that being an issue anymore. We help provide 99% high risk life insurance coverage to occupations with no increased premiums including: Sat/Air Divers, RATS, Supervisors, Scaffolders, Riggers, Vessel Workers, ROV Pilots, LST’s, Engineers, Crane Operators,Pipe Fitters, Electricians and much more.

Specialists in High Risk Life Insurance Coverage

We are market leaders in specialist high risk life insurance coverage, critical illness and income protection insurance for anyone working in the oil and gas industry. If you are struggling to get high-quality, affordable cover, then we can help you.

We are the only RMT Union Approved Specialist broker in the whole of the UK with Award Winning advice. Our highly skilled advisers have been specially trained to offer exceptional advice and guidance to ensure that you get the right cover tailored to your needs and make sure that you don’t pay more than you have to.

High Risk Insurance Coverage – No Increased Premiums

We understand that getting the cover you want is no easy job, so our advisers are trained to understand the work you do, the risks involved and the sacrifices you have to make. We are not like insurers who will often increase your premiums, place exclusions to cover the risk or decline your application altogether, just because of your career. We take a fresh approach and provide 99% of occupations with no increased premiums.

Protect Your Loved Ones with High Risk Insurance Coverage

High-risk life insurance protects the most important people in your life and it can leave a long-standing legacy for you, should the unfortunate happen. You can personalise your cover for your family, so that your policy benefits them, ensuring that they are looked after and cared for when you are no longer around. High risk life insurance coverage pays a cash lump sum or income if you die and policies are designed to help families cope with the financial pressure of losing the household’s main earner. We have a range of life cover to suit your individual needs including:

  • Cover to last for a defined period or for the rest of your life
  • Cover just for you, or you and your partner
  • Cover that stays at the same level, or increases with inflation
  • Cover that pays out as a lump sum or an income

High Risk Life Insurance Coverage – Term Assurance

The high risk life insurance coverage we recommend is Term Assurance. Our Life Assurance policy pays out on the death of the policyholder for the period insured and offers great value for money. With Term Assurance, you can set the levels of cover you need and for how long. If you were to die within that period, the policy pays out and many policies pay early if you find that you have under 12 months to live.

If you need to pay off a mortgage, debt or have dependent children, speak with an adviser and we’ll find the best cover for you.

High Risk Life Insurance Coverage – Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover pays out in the event that you fall seriously ill and can offer a tax-free cash lump sum when you need it the most, as it pays out when you are seriously ill and protects you against a major health crisis.

Critical Illness Cover pays if you are diagnosed as having one of the illnesses specified in the policy. The cover can help with care costs, medical bills, or even travelling abroad for treatment. It can also cover your financial commitments if you have a major crisis.

But be careful, as not all Critical Illness Cover policies are the same, and cover needs to be chosen carefully, as it’s crucial to know what you’re getting. We find that many people buy the cheapest cover they can get and then find they can’t claim, we ensure that this is not the case.

We understand the importance of choosing the right policy. You can speak with one of our helpful advisers and we will find the best cover for you and your individual needs.

Income Protection

Here at C&D Specialist Insurance, we also offer income protection, the policy we recommend that every working person should consider. Income Protection is an essential cover that offers long or short-term cover and pays out if you are sick, disabled or unemployed.

Income Protection can cover up 70% of your pre-tax pay if you are unable to work, as we understand that being unable to work is a worry in itself, so knowing that your wages are protected can provide you with peace of mind.

Income Protection could be invaluable to your life if you were to fall ill or unemployed. Also, if your income is the one thing that pays for all your outgoings, Income Protection covers everything you pay for. The best policies provide a tax-free monthly amount until your retirement date, you could also be protected against disability and sickness and you can opt for unemployment cover, too.

Why choose C&D Specialists Insurance – High Risk Life Insurance Coverage

With over 25 years of experience in the specialist insurance market, we are well-trusted and we will also put your policy in trust for free, to ensure that the people you decide to get the money will get it as soon as possible. In that time, we have provided £250 million worth of cover for our customers.

We provide comprehensive cover with features and benefits that are often unavailable from other providers. We also provide standard premiums regardless of your occupation, which means no occupational loading, for the benefit of our customers.