Offshore Workers Life Insurance

99% of offshore occupations covered with no increased premiums

We Specialise In Providing Life Insurance For Anyone Working In The Oil and Gas Industry

As market leading brokers, we specialise in providing life insurance for anyone working in the oil and gas industry and higher risk jobs. We are proud to provide specialist cover to those working in higher risk jobs, experiencing health issues, currently paying too much for their insurance policy and struggling to get good quality, affordable coverage.

Award-winning advice and guidance

Our Award Winning advice has made us the only RMT Union Approved Specialists in the whole of the UK, so you can rely on our highly skilled advisers to provide you with exceptional advice and guidance for your offshore worker’s life, critical illness and income protection insurance, ensuring that you get the right cover, for the best price for you.

Our advice and guidance for offshore workers life insurance are provided by expert advisers that have specialist industry knowledge, ensuring that we always offer the best advice to point you in the right direction. Making sure you get the right advice is essential in choosing something so important like life insurance, that’s why our specialist advisors know the market-inside-out to guarantee the best value and quality policy, specially designed for you. With our simple, step-by-step process, we can get to know each other to find out exactly how much cover you need and how long your cover should last for. During this process, we give you our expert advice and recommendations where we will identify and advise you on the right cover for you, at the best price. All you have to do is let us know what you think, we will walk you through the whole process and you are fully covered! It’s that simple.

Why Get Advice?


Why is advice important?

Our specialist advisers know the market inside out. Your guarantee of value and quality.

How much cover do I need?

This will depend on you and your family. Talk to us and we’ll work out the right amount.

How long do I need cover for?

Cover should last as long as support is required. We’ll establish how long that is.

What cover is best for me?

During the ‘get to know you stage’ we’ll identify and advise you on the right cover at the best price.

We are the only RMT Union Approved Specialist in the whole of the UK with Award Winning advice.

We understand your business

We understand that your offshore career or high-risk job can be a challenging but rewarding experience and we also understand how hard it is to handle the long work hours, extended time away from home, physically demanding responsibilities and not to mention the possible dangers involved that you face daily. We understand your businesses and the sacrifices that you have to make.

25 years experience in the industry

We are multi-award winning specialists and we have the relevant information that you need to make informed choices about your life insurance policies. With over 25 years of experience in the specialist insurance market, we are well-trusted and we will also put your policy in trust for free, to ensure that the people you decide to get the money will get it as soon as possible. We have arranged over £250 million worth of cover for our customers, we are the only RMT approved specialist broker in the UK.

Offshore workers life insurance for everyone

With offshore workers life insurance, we cover 99% of higher risk occupations with no increased premiums including:

  • Sat/Air Drivers, RATS,
  • Supervisors,
  • Scaffolders,
  • Riggers,
  • Drillers,
  • Vessel and Deck Workers,
  • ROV Pilots,
  • LST’s Engineers,
  • Crane Operators,
  • Pipe Fitters,
  • Electricians,
  • Life Support Technicians and many more.

We also cover the Energy, Railway and Work at Height sector, Rope Access Technicians, Tree Surgeons and Roofers.

What Are The Risk Factors?

There are a number of factors that an insurance underwriter will consider when determining your insurance risk level. These include:

  • Your job role
  • The tasks you do
  • How long you spend offshore
  • The locations in which you work
  • The industry in which you work

We provide worldwide coverage for the majority of high risk occupations, but we exclude conflict zones and high risk areas. We ensure that you protect your family’s future and give them peace of mind. Knowing that you have offshore workers life insurance guarantees that you can rest easy, knowing that you are fully covered.

Review From: S Redman

Very professional and knowledgeable indeed and happy to help in any way, Keeping you up to date every step of the way I would recommend to anyone.

Review From : TG

Thanks again for your 1st class professionalism and advice on helping me select the right policy for my needs. I will certainly be recommending you and your services to my colleagues in the future!! TG

Review From : Steve Cargill

A few questions asked and my insurance was all sorted over the phone. C&D know our business and their own so there’s no time wasting in this process with daft questions and it can all be sorted very quickly.

Review From : Neil Webster

My life insurance was completed with the minimum of fuss, all questions answered with ease and cover in place within a few hours. A+++++

Why We’re So Good At What We Do


Multi award winning specialists – we know our stuff and your industry.


Over 25 years of experience in the specialist insurance market

Peace Of Mind

Over £250 million of cover provided for our customers


The only RMT approved specialist broker in the whole of the UK

Our Step-by-Step Process


We get to know each other


We give our expert advice and recommendation


You tell us what you think


We take you through the process


All done! You're fully covered

Award Winning Expert Advice

Speak with an Adviser who will answer any questions you have, and find the best cover for you.

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