Life Insurance for High Risk Individuals

99% of offshore occupations covered with no increased premiums

Are You Looking for Life Insurance for High Risk Individuals?

Imagine a time where you are no longer around to take care of the ones who matter the most to you. If your family rely on you for things like putting food on the table, managing finances, paying the bills and mortgage, you know how hard it will hit them, you not being around.

Your loss will have a significant impact on the lifestyle your family lead, they will struggle with the most basic daily tasks and the pile of debt will be increasing every day, slowly spiralling out of control. Your family are your pride and joy and are what you’ve worked hard to protect over the years. You know they deserve a much better life than this.

And the good news is, you can make sure they have a life worth living if you’re not around. Meaning you can rest easy knowing they are looked after with our life insurance for high risk individuals.

Do You Work In The Offshore Industry?

If you answered ‘yes’ (or maybe you know someone that does), you will be eligible for life insurance for high risk individuals that boast a multitude of benefits including tax-efficiency for the policyholder and the family, too. In fact, if you are employed, self-employed or a contractor, we can help provide you with life insurance for high risk individuals, too.

We help provide cover for 99% of offshore occupations with no increased premiums, as we don’t believe you should pay more for working offshore. Instead, we want to the make the process of obtaining life insurance as smooth as possible for you, as we are aware of how difficult it can be to obtain life insurance for high risk individuals. Rest assured, we are different, and not like traditional high risk life insurance providers, as your best interests are central to what we do.

The Benefits of Life Insurance for High Risk Individuals

You can’t put a price on you or your family’s peace of mind and they say that there is no better pillow than a clear conscience, so what better way to relax knowing your family will be financially secure in your absence. Think how far a cash lump would go with your family… They could carry on as normal as possible, making it that little bit easier to move on after your passing. We believe that setting up life insurance for high risk individuals is one of the most selfless, thoughtful things you could do, that your family would be eternally grateful for.

If life insurance for high-risk individuals sounds like something you’re interested in? Get a free quick-quote today.

“I’m Worried About Falling Critically Ill?”

For a multitude of reasons, you should never be worried about falling critically ill. ‘Why?’ you may ask, well, first of all, it’s pointless. Critical illness can strike at any time, so there’s no point losing sleep over it. It’s a waste of time, energy and brain power, as it cannot be determined due to its unpredictable nature. But what you can do, is make sure you are covered in the event that critical illness does strike, so you don’t have to worry about it as much

Luckily, Critical Illness cover can be included with life insurance for high risk individuals, to help you pay for things like medical bills, care costs or even travel abroad for life-saving treatment. It can help keep you and your family protected in the event of a major health crisis.

Make Being Unable to Earn Less of a Worry With Income Protection

Imagine if you were to fall disabled or unemployed… Would it ease the pressure off you if you knew your wages were protected? We think it would, that’s why we recommend Income Protection insurance as the essential cover you can buy. There are long or short-term cover options available that can cover up to 70% of your pre-tax pay if you are unable to work, making being unable to earn less of a worry when you know your wages are protected.

Think You’re Paying Too Much For Your Current Coverage?

If you’re reading this and you’ve already got a life insurance coverage but think you’re paying too much, no worries, you can see how much you could be saving with a free policy review. With life insurance for high risk individuals, you could be getting the same life insurance for up to 50% cheaper.

Why Get Advice on Life Insurance for High Risk Individuals

Getting advice from us can be life-changing for you and your family and with over 25 years in the insurance market, rest-assured you can trust us to provide the best advice for you and your family. Also, we don’t like to boast but we are multi-award winning specialists, that know our stuff and your industry. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.