Life Insurance For ROV Pilots

99% of offshore occupations covered with no increased premiums

Looking for Comprehensive Life Insurance for ROV Pilots?

If you are, then we might be able to help as we help provide comprehensive life insurance coverage for 99.9% of occupations with no increased premiums including the ROV Pilot professional working in the offshore industry.

Why Risk It? Get Covered with Life Insurance for ROV Pilots

We know that in your role as an offshore ROV Pilot, you are faced with potential risks every single day. You have to deal with navigating your remote operated vehicle in poor visibility, whilst avoiding hazards at the same time and you have to be constantly aware of the unpredictable weather conditions and endure work in all weather conditions regardless. As you are aware, weather conditions at sea can be wild and stormy which poses a whole set of risks on its own. Your role also involves heavy lifting and extensive work hours, as you can be away from home and your family for several weeks at a time, which can be exhaustive mentally and physically.

The risks that come with your career choice are a lot to take in and isn’t something that you should have to worry about, as your job requires you to be alert and on top of your responsibilities at all times, so why not make it easier on yourself and stop worrying about life insurance, get covered.

The Same Great Life Insurance for ROV Pilots, But Cheaper

We all know the importance of taking the future financial security of our families into consideration, that’s why we recommend you get covered with life insurance for ROV Pilots so that you and your family can ultimately benefit.

Purchasing High Street Life Insurance for ROV Pilots Will Cost You More

If you were to purchase high street Life Insurance products, you will be classed as higher risk because of the potential hazards involved in your role. As a result of this, you will be hit with higher premiums. But due to our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, our premiums won’t be loaded.

Life Insurance Products for ROV Pilots

Our life insurance coverage ensures that your family are financially secure when you are not around to take care of them. Life insurance pays out a tax-free cash lump sum to who you want in the event that you die. With life insurance for ROV Pilots, you can provide financial peace of mind to the people who matter the most to you. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve eased the financial pressure of losing the households, primary earner. There are many different types of life cover available to suit an array of different needs.

Life Insurance for ROV Pilots with Critical Illness

As an ROV Pilot, you can also benefit from Life Insurance with Critical Illness cover included so that your family can benefit from a cash lump sum payout if you are diagnosed with a critical illness specified in the policy, to help protect you from a major health crisis. The cover can help with care costs, medical bills or even travel abroad for treatment. It can help cover your financial commitments, too.

Income Protection Insurance for ROV Pilots

In the event that you become unemployed, sick or disabled, you want to make being unable to earn less of a worry, so why not protect your wages for your own peace of mind. Income Protection can cover up to 70% of your pre-tax pay if you are unable to work and there are long and short-term cover options available to suit an array of needs.

Why Choose Us for Life Insurance for ROV Pilots

Here at C&D Specialist Insurance, we are the UK’s largest approved broker of Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection Insurance for the ROV Pilot professional in the offshore oil and gas industry. We are also the only RMT Union approved broker for offshore life insurance for ROV Pilots. So rest assured, our services are regulated and secure to the highest quality. If you would like more information on our high risk Life Insurance for ROV Pilots or any other life insurance products for offshore industry workers, contact us on T: 01224 044045 E: