Life Insurance for High Risk Jobs

99% of offshore occupations covered with no increased premiums

Life Insurance High Risk Jobs

Are you the one that takes care of the household’s finances in your family? Maybe you are responsible for paying the bills and the mortgage on time every month?

Now, imagine a time where you are no longer able to take care of your loved ones… We know, it’s a daunting thought, and being the one that deals with all the finances, how would your family cope with the responsibility after your loss? How would they know what bills need paying and when, and not to mention the mortgage payments?

Having you not around could negatively impact your family and put unnecessary pressure and strain on them during what is an already difficult time if you were to pass away. But luckily, this scenario doesn’t ever have to become a reality with our help.

We help provide specialist life insurance for high risk jobs, to make the daunting task, less daunting.

By taking out specialist life insurance for high risk jobs, you are providing financial security for the ones that matter the most to you. You’ll be ensuring that they have peace of mind for the future, knowing that they will be able to cope even when you are not around.

“Can I Get Life Insurance For High Risk Jobs?”

We help provide 99% of occupations with cover with no increased premiums, so we are confident we can help you. We help provide life insurance for high risk jobs if you are a director, employee, or limited company contractor.

If you are a limited company contractor your limited company can pay for your Life and Employee Significant Illness premiums as an allowable business expense that could work out up to 50% cheaper than paying for them personally.

Why Life Insurance For High Risk Jobs

You can’t put a price on your families peace of mind, we know this. Just think how far a cash lump sum would go in your family. Would it help lessen the financial burden left on your family after your loss? Knowing that your family will be able to provide for themselves can allow you to rest easy.

We help provide policies that have your family’s best interests at heart. We want to assist families in coping with the financial pressure of losing the household’s breadwinner, as we know how difficult it can be. There are many different types of life cover available to cater for an array of different needs, so rest assured we’ll help you find one that’s suitable for you and your family.

You can see how much you could be saving with a free quick quote and our specialist advice.

Life Insurance For High Risk Jobs with Critical Illness Cover

If you are worried about falling critically, stop right now. As you have the option to include Critical Illness cover with your Life Insurance policy. If you choose to include Critical Illness cover, upon the diagnosis of a critical illness, your family will receive a tax-free cash lump sum to offer financial protection for you and your loved ones. The cover can help with things like care costs, medical bills or even travel abroad for treatment. It can also cover your financial commitments.

Already Got Cover? No Problem

We want to find the best cover for you and you could be saving more with an alternative policy. You can find out how much you could be saving with a free policy review.

Types of Life Insurance High Risk Jobs

Income Protection makes being unable to earn less of a worry and pays out if you are not able to work due to illness or accident. Income Protection can cover up to 70% of your pre-tax pay if you are unable to work and there are long and short-term cover options available. We recommend Income Protection insurance as an essential cover you can buy so that you can focus your energy on recovering, rather than worrying about your wages not being protected.

Why Choose Us for Life Insurance for High Risk Jobs?

We don’t like to brag but we are multi-award winning specialists in the insurance industry and with 25 years experience, we can confidently say that we know our stuff and are trusted amongst our customers. We are also the only RMT approved specialist broker in the whole of the UK and we think that does the talking for us. So if you’re looking for life insurance for high risk jobs, We’d love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.