Life Insurance For Crane Operators

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We can help arrange Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection insurance if you are:


Self Employed

Limited Company Contractor

We can also arrange cover for your partner or spouse whether they are working or not.

Are you a limited company contractor?

Did you know;

Your Limited Company can now pay for your life & critical illness premiums as an allowable business expense, which could work out up to 50% cheaper than paying for them personally.

Looking for Life Insurance for Crane Operators?

As a crane operator (or any other heavy machinery operator) there are associated risks that you will face daily. You can do your job to the best of your ability, however, sometimes there are things around you that you just cannot control.

Things like high winds, insufficient counterweights or an inadequate setup due to poor ground conditions can cause cranes to overturn or even collapse, which could have dire consequences. Additionally, if there is insufficient clearance between a mobile crane and pedestrian traffic routes or other buildings, cranes can come into contact with people or structures, including overhead power lines, which could result in a serious injury or fatality. Not to mention the risk of cranes losing control of their load and objects falling, which could cause serious harm to the people below.

Unfortunately, due to your high risk career, you may find it harder to obtain life insurance, as your profession is regarded as dangerous. However, we don’t believe that you should have to pay more for working offshore, as we know your job is hard enough as it is. We also know your career and industry, so that we can help provide life insurance for crane operators, with no increased premiums.

We also help provide 99% of high risk occupations with cover. We can help arrange cover for you if you are:

  • Employed
  • Self-employed
  • Limited Company Contractor

Did you know that we can even help arrange cover for your partner or spouse regardless of whether they are working or not?

Do You Manage Your Family’s Finances?

As the one that takes care of the family’s finances, you’ll know how much of a vital role you play within your family. It’s no easy job and there’s lots of pressure resting on your shoulders. You make sure all the households bills are paid on time each month and make certain that regular payments to the mortgage are made. Failing to do these things could put your family in a vulnerable position. Your loved ones could find themselves facing debt and worse, leave them without a home.

Here’s a question to ask yourself. In the event of your absence due to illness or your passing, how will your family cope with the pressure of keeping on top of all the monthly outgoings? Would they be able to deal with it well, or would they struggle with the big responsibility?

These are things that you may want to consider for when you are no longer around anymore. You know your family better than we do. However, we know that you want to still be able to provide for them, even when you are no longer around. Luckily, life insurance for crane operators allows you to do just that.

Provide Financial Security for Your and Your Loved Ones

Injured crane operators and victims of accidents involving cranes can, unfortunately, face increasing medical bills and decreased income from lost work time. Luckily, there is high risk life insurance for crane operators that provides financial protection and security for your loved ones, if the worst was to happen.

Just think how far a tax-free cash lump sum would go with your family…

Life Insurance for Crane Operators Policies Designed with Your Family In Mind

The policies we help provide have been carefully thought out to cater for a whole host of individual circumstances, as we know that no two families are the same. The policies we help to arrange reduce the financial burden left on families after losing the household’s main earner. Rest assured, there are many different types of life insurance available for crane operators, so we can help you find a policy best suited to your family and your needs.

You can get a free quick quote to see how much you could be saving with life insurance for crane operators.

We also provide: life insurance for scaffolders, life insurance for ROV pilots, life insurance for engineers, life insurance for rope access technicians – just to name a few.

I’m Worried About Falling Critically Ill

Worrying about falling critically ill isn’t going to have a positive impact on your well-being. It will only make you feel worse and you might not even have a critical illness. However, if you are worried about falling critically ill at some point in your life, the most productive thing you can do is make sure that you are prepared in the event that it does strike. You can do this by including Critical Illness cover with your life insurance for crane operators policy.

By investing in Critical Illness cover you are ensuring that you can pay for things like care costs, medical bills, travel abroad for treatment or it can even help cover your financial commitments in a major health crisis. For your family, it means that they won’t have to worry about bills and the mortgage not getting paid.

It also allows you to focus your time and energy on recovering back to full health, rather than worrying about how you and your family are going to cope with what is already a difficult time.

Income Protection with Life Insurance for Crane Operators

In some instances, crane operators injuries can prevent them from getting back to work. In the worst cases, many people without life insurance suffer and so do the people around them. But with Income Protection insurance, you can be protected when you are unable to work. There are long and short-term cover options available with Income Protection. Income Protection can cover up to 70% of your pre-tax pay if you’re unable to work, making being unable to earn less of a worry, knowing that your wages are protected.

Already Got Cover? We Can Still Help

If you think you are paying too much for your current life insurance, you can find out how much you could be saving with a policy review that won’t cost you a penny. What are you waiting for? Get yours today.

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